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Complete ICONs

ICON    $1000.00

This a complete ICON system including one ICON controller and one ICONIO for interfacing 1-wire I/O devices (System diagram).

  • Mounting box
  • 110VAC to 24VAC transformer
  • ICON Controller with 16MB RAM, 32MB Compact Flash and 10baseT interface
  • ICONIO with interfaces to four Dallas 1-wire buses
  • 4 hours Phone/Email Support and assistance with your first application program
ICONIO-REMOTE    $400.00

This is a complete ICON I/O node for connecting additional 1-wire devices (System diagram).

  • Mounting box
  • 110 to 24VAC transformer
  • ICONIO with interfaces to four Dallas 1-wire buses
ICON Spare Parts

ICON Controller    $400.00
ICONIO-LOCAL (Modbus to 1-wire interface with ICON Controller software)    $500.00
ICONIO-REMOTE (Modbus to 1-wire interface)    $300.00

1-Wire I/O Modules

OWCTR2 (2 channel event counter/frequency input module)    $35.00
OWCTR2-BATTERY (2 channel event counter/frequency input module with battery backup)    $45.00
OWAD2 (2 channel A-D converter with temperature input module)   $25.00
OWAD4 (4 channel voltage/current/digital status A-D converter input module)    $35.00
OWPOT1  (1 channel potentiometer (analog voltage) output module)    $25.00
OWRELAY4 ( 4 channel dry contact relay output module)    $75.00
OWCONNECT (4 device, 2 feed interconnect module)    $35.00

Terminator I/O
T1K-Modbus-Connector  (Connects to the 15 pin miniature Modbus sub D connector on the Automation Direct T1K-Modbus module and provides connection to a 2 wire RS-485 network. Includes 120 ohm terminator and two RS-485 3 pin connectors.)    $35.00

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