Last updated September 4, 2007
iconexe Program
The ICON hardware executes a program called iconexe to implement the ICON software functionality. As bugs are fixed and new functionality is added, you may download the latest version from this web site to your host PC. From here you can connect to an ICON and upload this new software image and re-boot the ICON. This operation is described here.

Version 0.684

Version 0.682
Version 0.680
Version 0.673
Version 0.665
Version 0.664
Version 0.663
Version 0.662
Version 0.661
Version 0.660
Version 0.658
Version 0.657
Version 0.656
Version 0.646
Version 0.644
Version 0.634
Version 0.630
Version 0.628
Version 0.620
Version 0.619
Version 0.618
Version 0.616
Version 0.600
Java Interface Program
You connect to an ICON server from your host PC with a Java program. There are two ways to do this, with a web browser that downloads the java program as an applet (called hmi.jar) automatically from the ICON which runs inside your web browser or by running the java application (called iconhmi.jar) which is installed on your host PC.
The applet allows a user to acces an ICON with only a web browser which is ideal for demonstrations. This browser must be capable of running a Java applet. You will need to load hmi.jar and index.html (see below) onto the ICON.
The application allows you to connect to and operate an ICON without a web browser. This is your best choice for normal day to day operation. Once installed you can connect without having to wait for the applet to download from the ICON server, especially nice over dialed telephone connections. Also, there are no hassles with Java Web Browser security trying to get the "File transfer" operations to work, making it the best choice for software development.
You must install the Sun Java runtime environment.

To install the Java application for Windows:

Known Problems
iconhmi.jar (Java Application) Version 0.819

hmi.jar (Java Applet) Version 0.819

iconhmi.jar (Java Application) Version 0.817

iconhmi.jar (Java Application) Version 0.816
Version 0.810
Version 0.806
Version 0.805
Version 0.801
Version 0.800
Version 0.799
Version 0.798
Version 0.776
Version 0.776
Version 0.772
Version 0.768
HMI_0762_arm.ipk (Java application for Zaurus PDA) Version 0.762
Version 0.758
Version 0.737
Version 0.730
Version 0.727
Web Browser Access HTML Files
If the ICON is to be accessed from a web browser, index.html (found here) must be loaded on the ICON.
iconexe.pc - Software Development on a Host Linux PC
If you have a standard Linux PC system (such as Red Hat 6.X or 7.X) you may download a special version of iconexe (named iconexe.pc and found here). You may run an unlimited number of copies on one Linux PC (limited be memory and disk space obviously) so many people can develop different ICON applications simultaneously. This special version does not have the watchdog function, the date/time can not be changed from the ICON software, the ICON networking configurations are ignored and serial Modbus can not be shared.