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File Transfer Operations

You may transfer files between your host computer (with the iconhmi.jar application) and the ICON (the server) and perform file maintenance operations on the ICON (delete, rename and copy) with these utilities.

Upload File from Local Computer to ICON
Use this function to upload a file from your local computer to the ICON. This could include actual ICON programs (*.icn), help files (*.htm) or pictures (*.jpg or *.gif). If you need to upgrade your ICON to the latest software you may also load a new iconexe file.

  1. The amount of free disk space on the ICON is displayed at the top of this box. Press the refresh button (in the lower box) to ensure you are viewing the correct value. From this you can determine if there is enough free disk space to hold the file that you are about to upload.
  2. Under "Upload file from local computer to ICON" box, click on "Browse".
  3. Navigate to the folder that contains the desired file if it is not already selected.
  4. Click to select your file on your local disk drive.
  5. Click "Upload". (You can watch the progress in the lower left corner.)
To update the ICON to the latest version of the iconexe you must execute the following steps exactly or you run the risk of losing the iconexe program and you won't be able to restart your system:
  1. Download the latest iconexe program from the web site at http://www.i-netcontrol.net/download.htm.
  2. You must unzip this file and place iconexe on your desktop.
  3. Click the "Refresh" button and check the "Server's available disk space". It must be larger than the new iconexe file or the upload will fail.
  4. Under "Upload file from local computer to ICON" click on browse and select your new iconexe on your local disk drive.
  5. Click "Upload".
  6. After upload completes or aborts click the "Refresh" button. (You can watch the upload progress in the lower left corner of the window.)
  7. If you do not get an error message the new iconexe file is uploaded to your ICON and the old iconexe file is renamed iconexe.old. So after refresh you will see two files, "iconexe" and "iconexe.old".
  8. If you get an error part way through the upload, you may only be left with file "iconexe.old". If this should occur, click to select iconexe.old and click the "Copy" button. Enter "iconexe" for the name to copy and click OK to copy. You can then try to determine what went wrong and upload again. Cause of failures include insufficient disk space for the new iconexe program or a very bad modem connection.
  9. After a successful upload you have the new version on your ICON but it is not executing.
  10. Wait several minutes for the new program to actually get written to the flash disk.
  11. Next click the "Program tab".
  12. Pick "Password/system" from the "System Parameter Config" selection set at the top middle of the programming screen.
  13. Set "Watchdog type:" to Elan520 and click update if it is not already selected.
  14. Now select "Reset system" from the "Watchdog" selection and click "OK".
  15. You will immediately lose your connection to the ICON because it is rebooting.
  16. Re-connect after about one minute. On the password screen you should see the new version number of your new "iconexe" program.
To update hmi.jar applet:
  1. Place the latest version of "hmi.jar" on your hard disk ander desktop.
  2. Make sure it is named "hmi.jar" in lower case.
  3. Click the "Refresh" button and check the "Server's available disk space".
  4. Click to select the hmi.jar file under "Upload file from ICON to local computer" and click rename. Now enter hmiold.jar and click "OK".
  5. Under "Upload file from local computer to ICON" click on browse and select your new "hmi.jar" on your local disk drive.
  6. Click "Upload".
  7. After upload completes click the "Refresh" button.
  8. After you have successfully uploaded the new hmi.jar to the ICON it will not be used until the next time your web browser is started. Therefore you must logoff from the ICON and close your browser. Then restart and reconnect to the ICON.
  9. If using Internet Explorer you can also do a "ctrl" reload to get a new version of the hmi.jar file without closing the browser. For Netscape use "Shift" reload.
  10. If using the Sun Java plugin you will need to go to your control panel and delete the cache under "Java Plug-in".
Download File From ICON to Local Computer
Use this function to transfer a file from the ICON to your host computer for backup.
  1. Click to select the file of interest.
  2. Click the "Download" button to transfer this file to your host computer. (You may watch the progress in the lower left corner.)
  3. You may click the "Delete" button to delete this file from the ICON. You will be asked to confirm the delete.
  4. You may click the "Rename" button to rename this file. You will be asked for the new name.
  5. You may click the "Copy" button to make a copy of this file. You will be asked for a new name for the copy.
  6. You may click the "File Length" button to display the file length and date for this file.
  7. Press the "Refresh" button to update the ICON file list and "Server's Available Disk Space" in case it has changed.

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