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ICON System
The ICON is a modular, scalable, network based data acquisition and process control system that includes all the software and hardware required to develop and deploy the application programs and HMI (Human Machine Interface) screens for many different types of applications.
Building blocks include one or more ICON controllers interconnected over a TCP/IP network. Each controller communicates with one or more Modbus serial or TCP I/O nodes for data and sensor input and control and actuator output. Each controller is fully programmable to process input data, create control algorithms, historical data and alarms and output control values.
The controller(s) are accessed from one or more Java enabled computers (Windows, Linux, Macintosh) over the TCP/IP network.
ICON Features

Some example applications include:
  • Residential home automation (HVAC, lighting, watering, security, other...)
  • Alternative energy generation and usage control and monitoring
  • Greenhouse control and monitoring
  • Apartment, commercial and school building monitoring and control
  • Ambient and stack (CEM) air monitoring
  • Meteorological and environmental monitoring
  • Agricultural control systems (crop, animal, fish and poultry farming)
  • Pump and irrigation control systems
  • Waste water treatment facilities
  • Sewage lift station control
  • Hydroelectric plant control
  • Industrial data acquisition and control
  • General manufacturing and processing
  • Food, beverage and drug processing, packaging and manufacturing
  • Laboratory and research experiment control and data collection
  • Production testing and data collection
  • And many other applications....

  • The ICON connects to a standard TCP/IP network with Ethernet.
  • The ICON can also be accessed through dial-up or Cellular modems.
  • Operate from AC or DC power (solar panels, wind turbine ...)

Interface software
  • Program and debug your application data acquisition and control program
  • Create your Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens
  • Operate the finished system by accessing the HMI screens
  • Works with Java enabled PCs or PDAs includingWindows, Macintosh or Linux

  • Encrypted passwords and authentication keys
  • Multi-level passwords providing different views and permissions for different users
  • Hardware lockout switch preventing program change after deployment

Flexible Input/Output (I/O) options
  • Serial and TCP RTU Modbus

Last updated December 5, 2012