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ICON Features

Powerful industrial data acquisition and process control system is designed for:
  • Residential home automation (HVAC, lighting, watering, security, other...)
  • Alternative energy generation and usage control and monitoring
  • Greenhouse control and monitoring
  • Apartment, commercial and school building monitoring and control
  • Ambient and stack (CEM) air monitoring
  • Meteorological and environmental monitoring
  • Agricultural control systems (crop, animal, fish and poultry farming)
  • Pump and irrigation control systems
  • Waste water treatment facilities
  • Hydroelectric plant control
  • Industrial data acquisition and control
  • General manufacturing and processing
  • Food, beverage and drug processing, packaging and manufacturing
  • Laboratory and research experiment control and data collection
  • Production testing and data collection
  • And many other applications...

Connects to your Intranet LAN, the Internet or Telephone
  • Connect the ICON to your Local Area Network (LAN) with ethernet
  • If desired, your LAN can be connected to the Internet by Dialup, DSL, Cable, etc.
  • You can connect the ICON directly to a telephone line through an auto answer modem for remote applications
  • Operate from AC or DC power (solar panels, wind turbine ...)

Only software required is a Java enabled web browser
  • Program and debug your application data acquisition and control program
  • Create your Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens
  • Operate the finished system by accessing the HMI screens
  • Works with Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, and Java enabled PDA's

  • Encrypted passwords and authentication keys
  • Multi-level passwords providing different views and permissions for different users
  • Hardware lockout switch preventing program change after deployment

Flexible Input/Output (I/O) options
  • Serial RTU Modbus
  • Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire sensors, inputs and outputs
  • X10 command input and lamp and appliance module control

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