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     Basic 1-Wire Installation

     2 Chan Counter (OWCTR2)

     2 Chan A-D (OWAD2)

     4 Chan A-D (OWAD4)

     1 Chan Pot Out (OWPOT1)

     Dry Contact (OWRELAY4)

     Connections (OWCONNECT)

     Temperature (OWT)

     Relative Humidty (OWTRH)

     Light (OWL)

     Weather Station (OWWEATHER) 


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Connections (OWCONNECT)


  • The OWCONNECT provides a convenient way to connect multiple 1-wire modules together in one location. (For example, the weather station.)
  • Board can be mounted on a DIN rail.
  • Two "Feed" connectors, one for the main incoming CAT5 cable (CN1) and one for the main outgoing CAT5  (CN4).
  • Four additional connectors are used to connect up to four local 1-wire devices (CN2, CN3, CN5 and CN6). (If more than 4, 1-wire devices are present in a single location, connect CN4 on the first OWCONNECT to CN1 on the second. This allows 4 more 1-wire devices to be connected. You may continue the daisy chain to as many OWCONNECT boards as needed to interface all the 1-wire devices.)
  • Each connector contains four terminals, +5V, +5V Common, 1-wire signal and 1-wire Common.
  • 1-wire signal to the four local devices is isolated with a 120 ohm series resitor. This provides noise and ringing suppresion and provides ESD and lightning protection.
Recommended CAT5 wiring:
Pin Number (CN1-CN6) Cat 5 Wire Color Description
1 Orange +5V
2 Orange/White +5V common
3 Brown 1-wire common
4 Brown/White 1-wire signal

If using the additional pairs in the Cat 5 cable to carry +5V power and common, connect as follows:
Cat 5 Wire Color Description
Blue +5V
Blue/White +5V common
Green +5V
Green/White +5V common

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