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Dry Contact (OWRELAY4)

Description: The OWRELAY4 1-wire device uses DS2450 IC in the digital output mode to control 4 dry contact relays. There are four LEDs, one for each relay, which light when the relay is actived or closed.

Card Type: 128

Connector CN2 Pinout:
Pin Numbers Description
1 Relay 4 Contact
2 Relay 4 Contact
3 Relay 3 Contact
4 Relay 3 Contact
5 Relay 2 Contact
6 Relay 2 Contact
7 Relay 1 Contact
8 Relay 1 Contact

The "Type" must be 128 as described above. The "Mode" must always be "Separate power".

Modbus Register Information:
This device has four consecutive Modbus output registers on the ICONIO board, one for each digital output channel. Writing a 0 to an output register turns the relay off. Writing a 1 turns the relay on.

Parameter Specification
Temperature -40 to +85C (-40 to +185F)
UL Rating 3A at 30VDC or 250VAC
Typical Life 20,000,000 operations; 100,000 operations at 3 A / 30 VDC or 250 VAC
Fusing Each relay has 3A resettable fuse

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